Indiana University tech tool ‘Hoaxy’ shows how fake news spreads Hoaxy is a new tool created to assist in retarding the spread of false news stories by figuring out where the roots lie.  The software/program attempts to analyze the news without a political bias.  Social networking sites such as Facebook are going to try and employ fact checkers to stop the spread of fake […]

Stressors and Librarians One of the common reasons given for a desire to become a librarian is a need to help others.  A survey was launched to see how many librarians are aware of mindfulness practices and specifically those related to librarianship.  Over 3/4 of the respondents stated that they engaged in mindfulness practices and lover 25% […]

Maintaining Your Drum Carder Pick out any loose fiber tangled around anything and clean off your drums. Oil moving parts with spinning wheel oil, machine oil. Make sure that everything is dust, screws tightened, and belts where they should be. Use Howards feed and wax, see if anything is getting warped/etc. I Have also read an article that […]

How to Keep a Handspun Journal This is an article that I also pinned to my Pinterest Page on spinning.  The first point that struck a note with me is that with a wheel spinning large quantities for a bigger project suddenly seems like a possibility, whereas with a spindle it seems like an impossible goal.  With this in mind […]

The New Year, Now With More Spinning #spin15aday Many people have decided to spin at least 15 minutes a day for the entire year.  They have created a Hashtag; and will post their photos to instagram.  This author mentions using this as a form of meditation rather than 10 minutes of meditation, 15 minutes of mindful spinning a day. “The ever-wise […]

Hidebound The Grisly Invention of Parchment This is a fascinating account of how people had been writing on leather for centuries even before papyrus came into being.  As a brief exploration of human ingenuity while under pressure, a conflict with Egypt about papyrus, this is amazing.  It is fascinating that a simple difference in mechanics can change a material from […]