5 Reasons I Switched to Scrivener

http://michaelhyatt.com/switched-to-scrivener.html This is an article detailing the productivity/writing tool of Scrivener.  For $45 the author states that this is a great tool to get all of your writing done.  Allowing you to set up binders, corkboards, organize research, etc. This sounds like a great tool if you do most of your writing in a single […]

Pocket Paper Notebook Showdown & Why Notebooks

http://lifehacker.com/pocket-paper-notebook-showdown-moleskine-vs-field-not-1768558693?utm_campaign=socialflow_lifehacker_facebook&utm_source=lifehacker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow This is a neat article detailing the difference and similarieties between Moleskine and Field Notebooks.  Essentially Field notebooks are more portable but Moleskine offers more options both in size and construction.  This article detailed a few different kinds of Moleskine notebooks I was unaware of. https://store.moleskine.com/usa/Notebooks/Themed-Notebooks/C4?lang=en-us Passion journals to detail what you are interested […]