How the Invention of Paper Changed the World I do love how this type of article causes one to rethink what they ‘know’ about history. “Actually, you can quibble with Gutenberg’s place in history. The movable type press was originally developed in China. ” It is a fascinating study to take a few minutes of your day and look around, see how […]

From Scary to Snuggly: The History of the Teddy Bear The Teddy Bear began with Roosevelt refusing to kill a bear someone had hit over the head and tied up specifically so that Roosevelt could kill it.  (He declared it unsportsmanlike). From there an industrious newspaperman created a cartoon of the incident; another woman created a bear based on the event that she named […]

Hidebound The Grisly Invention of Parchment This is a fascinating account of how people had been writing on leather for centuries even before papyrus came into being.  As a brief exploration of human ingenuity while under pressure, a conflict with Egypt about papyrus, this is amazing.  It is fascinating that a simple difference in mechanics can change a material from […]