Last Wool and Testament by Molly MacRae

This crafty mystery with a paranormal element hits all of the high spots for my interests.  MacRae has a book that starts off with a tragedy but the book builds into a wonderfully funny mystery with plenty of interesting characters.  Between building a wonderful town full of quirky characters there are enough craft references to […]

Knot the Usual Suspects by Molly MacRae

I love the yarn bombing! The characters are still quirky and wonderfully enjoyable. The murder came at the half-way point of the book, it almost seemed forced. The solving of the murder was interesting but sort of rushed and forced feeling. It is unfortunate, but probably for the best, that MacRae stopped writing this series […]

Traditional Textile Creation and the Shrinking World by Joshua Hirschstein I love this quote: “In our naiveté, Maren and I had believed that we could both select textiles and avoid impacting the artists’ creative expression. (No doubt we also made inaccurate assumptions about the naiveté of hill tribe businesspeople.)” *The act of supporting an artisan is the act of influencing their processes.  Even if […]

In Remembrance of Patrick Greene by Deb Menz This is a great article that memorializes a man that created wonderful drumcarders.  Deb Menz obviously had a great deal of respect for Patrick Greene and will miss him.  It was wonderful to hear that he spent a lot of time developing and prototyping his carders before putting them out on the market. I […]