How Audiobooks Made Me Appreciate Non-Fiction by Yaika Sabat This is a good article to introduce you to a new format, or rather an old format that you might not have considered before.  This author has trouble reading non-fiction books.  Not that she lacks the desire, interest, or intellectual capacity, they just tend to be a bit dry and hard to get through.  […]

How I Use Evernote to Keep My Entire Life Organized This is one persons utilization of Evernote to keep their life organized. A master list of everything that they have to do in their life. Work, personal, etc.  They still maintain  a daily list, but this is their overarching document. Create a packing list for trips, if you travel often have a master list […]

Siri Tips and Tricks Siri is becoming more and more like a personal assistant every day.  Making reservations, changing appointments, putting someone on speakerphone, checking sports scores and stocks.  According to this article there is very little that Siri cannot do.  Now Siri can even add punctuation, and put things on specific lists. This is a great article […]

How to View iCloud Drive & Top Apps for Design Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> Show on Home Screen to On From this you can launch the app from the homescreen, it can be hidden again if desired. Colora- this free app allows you to create mood boards, theoretically expressing complex concepts through color.  They can be sent to clients, […]

5 New Assistive Modes You Never Knew Existed On Your iPad Set up a triple click to get to the accessibility menu from anywhere. You can get it to speak a paragraph/text you have highlighted Guided Access allows you to focus on a particular app, or limit the ability of children/students to get to other apps. You can also invert the colors on your iPad […]