Indiana University tech tool ‘Hoaxy’ shows how fake news spreads

Hoaxy is a new tool created to assist in retarding the spread of false news stories by figuring out where the roots lie.  The software/program attempts to analyze the news without a political bias.  Social networking sites such as Facebook are going to try and employ fact checkers to stop the spread of fake news, and the German government is planning on bringing about legal consequences for fake news.

“The role of Hoaxy, in contrast, isn’t to determine what’s real or not. Instead, it provides users a physical map of how each unverified article has spread, and provides related links to fact-checking websites, allowing users to draw their own conclusions”

Hoaxy is not intended to be a complete solution to the problem of fake news, also though open to the public will probably only be used by news people and researchers.  If we know how news is spreading then we can figure out how to stop some of it at the source and develop countermeasures.

(This seems like a good idea, of course it will have some bias but everything has some form of bias.  Like Snopes this can be another useful tool for librarians to use and point their patrons toward so they stop believing some of these frankly stupid stories going around.)


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