Random Audio Additions

In Addition to reading the article “Is Audio Really the Future of the Book” http://daily.jstor.org/the-future-of-the-book-is-audio/

I have been listening to a great number of Audio Books.  Due to a family health problem I have not had a lot of free time or attention to do much extracurricular library research, though I have been able to get through an inordinate amount of audio books.  Many of them were ‘re-reads’ but some were new.

Among the re-reads are:

Origin in Death; Conspiracy in Death; Indulgence in Death; Promises in Death; Salvation in Death; Betrayal in Death; Judgement in Death; Loyalty In Death; Witness in Death; and Brotherhood in Death by J.D Robb. As well as Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich.

The New Audio Books that I have read are:

Apprentice in Death by J. D. Robb and Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Evanovich.

These 13 Audio books have certainly pushed forward my goal for the Year, though I will still probably not make it.

I also re-read several Shelly Laurenston Books, namely:

The Mane Squeeze; Beast Behaving Badly; Wolf With Benefits; Bear Meets Girl; Big Bad Beast; Mane Attraction; Mane Event; Bite Me; and The Beast in Him.

I guess I was more prolific than I though by reading 9 books to escape what reality I could not change.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading all that I could.  I will hope to continue reading even prolifically for the next few weeks until the years end.


Wild Things by Jennifer Ashley

This is not my favorite series.  Not because of the writing, but simply some of the aspects of the ‘world’.  If you enjoy romances and don’t mind a bit of steamy stuff then this is certainly a book worth looking at.  The characters are pretty well developed, flatter than some I have read but with more dimension than most romances.  As the plot advances we get to know the characters a bit better, they see in each other some beautiful character traits.  I supposed if I had been reading this series from the beginning, and I have already read more of the series than I thought I would, then I would have already met the brothers and gotten to know everyone involved. Jumping around the series as I have been tending to do I got a little lost with all of the names and am missing quite a bit of the backstory.  Unfortunately unlike Laurenston, Geary, and Robb’s books I don’t feel the need to go back and familiarize myself with the series more.
Admittedly I am really hung up on the Collared Shifter’s aspect of her books, I cannot get past the isolation and collared nature of her shifters.  I guess what I really cannot get past is the lack of progress that they make.  If you can get past that then this is a steamy romance with a couple of very likable characters.

Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, Cecil Baldwin

This was absolutely fabulous. If you have ever listened to Welcome to Night Vale, then you need to listen to this audio book, don’t read it! I have no idea how you would even consider reading this book instead of listening to it. The utter weird that comprises this book can only be truly experienced by listening to someone crooning the gruesome descriptions of the librarians in your ears as you drive down the road. If you are a librarian that tends to be sensitive about your profession, of weak constitution, or just not able to deal with the insanely weird, then do not bother reading or listening to this book…or probably any book I review…This is not a book for the weak or faint of heart.

If however you listen to Welcome to Night Vale and enjoy it, think of this as a 12+ hour episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It arguably has more plot-line than a lot of the episodes, but enough weird to make up for it. If you like weird and audio books then I really recommend you subscribe to the podcast of Welcome to Night Vale, it really is good. (I am not sponsored by Night Vale or any of its subsidiaries and purchased this audiobook with my own funds.)

Goodnight Night Vale, Goodnight.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

I listened to this book. For over 20 hours I listened to this book, only for it to end on a cliff-hanger! The plot was intellectual and interesting, the characters seemed to have depth, and despite the detail that caused the book to be quite long the plot moved along fairly well. The narrator/reader was fantastic, there were different voices for each character adding a depth to the point that you feel as though you are listening in on someone’s conversation.

I really cannot articulate why I did not find this book to be something that I found a passionate interest in. Between the alchemy, history, vampires, witches, and mystery I should have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. Instead I found the main characters to be very, blah. What it really comes down to for me is that I cannot see myself being friends with these characters. If I like the characters I can get passionately involved in a book, even if I hate them then I want to see what happens next.

Perhaps I will re-listen to this in a few years, maybe I will pick up the sequel, probably not though.