The Slow Death of Vintage Skills This author begins by exploring why a particular scene in a show has remained on her mind for an entire day, the scene is a woman being told that her bobbin lace in antiquated. “Skills like knitting, sewing, cooking from scratch, canning, gardening and, yes, making bobbin lace seems to belong to a bygone […]

How to Use a Bead Loom: 10 Things You Must Know Have all of the materials and tools you need on hand warping the loom adding the first row of beads making sure that the tension is accurate ending and adding threads weaving in tails removing the pieces finishing techniques etc. Essentially this article is just a list of things that will be taught in […]

‘Back to the Future’ Inspires Solar Nanotech-Powered Clothing This is a really neat article that reminds me, we are truly living in an age of innovation.  Everything from Stainless Steel fiber for spinning yarn to copper filaments to weave with technology is becoming such a part of every day life.  I love that old things and new things are interacting and interlacing […]

Things We Love, Baby Blankets This is a good, short, article that reminds the reader that weaving (or anything) for a baby has more considerations than for any other type of person.  I know when crocheting for babies there are certain patterns that I look at and all I can think of is the baby getting their little fingers […]

The Tapestry Heart Project This is a great article by the tapestry artists Rebecca Mezoff.  With the current political climate Mezoff decided to challenge her tapestry students, and anyone with an interest in tapestry, to weave a tapestry heart.  She details techniques, possibilities for alternative arrangements and methods, and so much more.  This is a neat article and […]

Cotton Sizes for Overshot This article reinforces how much there is to know/learn about weaving.  How utterly complex it can be and how endless the possibilities are. “Probably the most common yarns/setts for contemporary overshot fabrics are 10/2 cotton for warp and tabby weft at 24 epi and either 5/2 pearl cotton or 3/2 pearl cotton for the […]