The Slow Death of Vintage Skills This author begins by exploring why a particular scene in a show has remained on her mind for an entire day, the scene is a woman being told that her bobbin lace in antiquated. “Skills like knitting, sewing, cooking from scratch, canning, gardening and, yes, making bobbin lace seems to belong to a bygone […]

The Monk Who Saves Manuscripts from ISIS A 59 year old Benedictine monk is roaming around the middle east trying to save Christian and Islamic writings.  He is working on training teams of locals to photograph the pages of manuscripts before they are destroyed, or lost, or stolen.  Many locals are reluctant to let in outsiders and are afraid that their […]

How to Use a Bead Loom: 10 Things You Must Know Have all of the materials and tools you need on hand warping the loom adding the first row of beads making sure that the tension is accurate ending and adding threads weaving in tails removing the pieces finishing techniques etc. Essentially this article is just a list of things that will be taught in […]

How I Use Evernote to Keep My Entire Life Organized This is one persons utilization of Evernote to keep their life organized. A master list of everything that they have to do in their life. Work, personal, etc.  They still maintain  a daily list, but this is their overarching document. Create a packing list for trips, if you travel often have a master list […]