Alexa, Google Home and Smart Phones Could Make Illiteracy Unimportant *I don’t know if this concept is useful or terrifying* This article does begin by telling it like it is, Google wants Alexa in your home so that you get used to shopping just by talking to it.  There is a paragraph of the article that discusses how every conversation we have with our […]

Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality is where you still see the real world but other aspects of the virtual world are superimposed on the real world.  This is different from the virtual world where the real world is replaced by what ever digital information you are seeing. Ikea Place is one of the first augmented reality apps, […]

Amazon Echo and Echo Plus This article details the improvements and differences between the new Echo and Echo Plus.  Much of this article is spend detailing how the new difference make the speaker appear and function much like the older version. The next section of this article begins to detail how these devices can be used as a whole […]

In the Age of Screen Time is Paper Dead? Not really, research seems to show that writing notes in the long-hand format enables better retention of the material.  Instead of trying to write out the entire lecture the student is forced to think about what the important parts are, therefore listening better. In a digital age everything is very expensive, both to purchase […]

Meet the Font Detective who Ferret Out Fakery This was certainly an interesting article.  Any thoughts that I had (which had never occurred to me) about forging any kind of document have gone out the window.  The hours that it would take for me to find the ‘right’ font would probably negate any potential benefit. All jesting aside, it is fascinating that […]

How Audiobooks Made Me Appreciate Non-Fiction by Yaika Sabat This is a good article to introduce you to a new format, or rather an old format that you might not have considered before.  This author has trouble reading non-fiction books.  Not that she lacks the desire, interest, or intellectual capacity, they just tend to be a bit dry and hard to get through.  […]

6th Century Writing Discovered Inside Medieval Bookbinding by Shaunacy Ferro It is a well documented fact that in the past parchment from other texts had been recycled to be used in binding a new book.  Though it was known that the text was present it was not often able to be viewed without destroying the current book.  However one text had degraded to the […]