How to Keep a Handspun Journal

This is an article that I also pinned to my Pinterest Page on spinning.  The first point that struck a note with me is that with a wheel spinning large quantities for a bigger project suddenly seems like a possibility, whereas with a spindle it seems like an impossible goal.  With this in mind it becomes more important to maintain a consistent yarn from skein to skein.

Start with a date of fiber prep, Information about the fiber, who made it; what it is made of; rolags, batts, etc, Project name, what the skeins of yarn are like (tpi, epi, yardage, weight, etc).  How were they plied, how were they spun, why am I spinning this, etc.

By putting down page numbers you can use the first page as an index.

Create a spinning bucket list.  Set goals.  Label your hand-spun yarn.

This is a great reminder that even though spinning is a ton of fun, for the best results striving to ensure that your materials are useful is a wonderful goal.  I really enjoy spinning simply for the sake of spinning, but if I can use my end product toward something that can be enjoyed for years to come, so much the better.


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