Traditional Textile Creation and the Shrinking World by Joshua Hirschstein I love this quote: “In our naiveté, Maren and I had believed that we could both select textiles and avoid impacting the artists’ creative expression. (No doubt we also made inaccurate assumptions about the naiveté of hill tribe businesspeople.)” *The act of supporting an artisan is the act of influencing their processes.  Even if […]

In Remembrance of Patrick Greene by Deb Menz This is a great article that memorializes a man that created wonderful drumcarders.  Deb Menz obviously had a great deal of respect for Patrick Greene and will miss him.  It was wonderful to hear that he spent a lot of time developing and prototyping his carders before putting them out on the market. I […]

Angora Myths and Facts by Denise Williams This is a great article detailing some of the misconceptions about angora.  Personally since I found out that I love spinning silk slippery has never been a concern of mine.  I still have to hang on like a maniac sometimes when the silk wants to get away from me, but spinning from the fold […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: How Would You Spin This Hand-Dyed Fiber? by Elizabeth Prose This is a nice post, promoting a purchase from interweave of course, that shows graphically how different yarns spun from the same fiber can be depending on the spinner and the choices that they make.  I really enjoyed this article and am considering taking up the challenge laid out within.

The unexpected role librarians are playing in Sacramento’s homeless crisis By Cynthia Huybert This is an interesting article detailing one of the main issues facing librarians today, how do we respectfully and safely deal with the homeless and mentally ill.  I appreciate hearing that there are organizations trying to teach librarians “mental health first aid” so that they are capable of dealing with major events as they […]

Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read … and the movies and TV shows we watch by Julie Beck This, fascinating article, reminds us that memory takes effort (for most of us).  Since the time of Socrates there has been debate as to whether the written word is a good thing or not.  Often while we are reading and understanding what we are reading we, falsely, believe that we will later recall what […]

Roving Reporter: A Traveler’s Spinning Inspiration: My Handspun Yarn Journal

Article Written By: Kate Larson This is a great way of making sure that a time you enjoyed stays with you and if you want to create a piece of that to keep with you then these are amazing steps to help you along that path. From taking your own photos, grabbing pamphlets, and […]