Fixing ‘Failed’ Fiber This is a fantastic article that explores how fiber ‘mistakes’ can be easily fixed with a drum carder.  Everything from a splotch of too bright color to a bit of felting in the dye pot can be fixed with a drum carder.  The too bright color can be mellowed out with a few passes […]

How I Use Evernote to Keep My Entire Life Organized This is one persons utilization of Evernote to keep their life organized. A master list of everything that they have to do in their life. Work, personal, etc.  They still maintain  a daily list, but this is their overarching document. Create a packing list for trips, if you travel often have a master list […]

Things We Love, Baby Blankets This is a good, short, article that reminds the reader that weaving (or anything) for a baby has more considerations than for any other type of person.  I know when crocheting for babies there are certain patterns that I look at and all I can think of is the baby getting their little fingers […]

Pocket Paper Notebook Showdown & Why Notebooks This is a neat article detailing the difference and similarieties between Moleskine and Field Notebooks.  Essentially Field notebooks are more portable but Moleskine offers more options both in size and construction.  This article detailed a few different kinds of Moleskine notebooks I was unaware of. Passion journals to detail what you are interested […]