Angora Myths and Facts by Denise Williams This is a great article detailing some of the misconceptions about angora.  Personally since I found out that I love spinning silk slippery has never been a concern of mine.  I still have to hang on like a maniac sometimes when the silk wants to get away from me, but spinning from the fold […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: How Would You Spin This Hand-Dyed Fiber? by Elizabeth Prose This is a nice post, promoting a purchase from interweave of course, that shows graphically how different yarns spun from the same fiber can be depending on the spinner and the choices that they make.  I really enjoyed this article and am considering taking up the challenge laid out within.

Roving Reporter: A Traveler’s Spinning Inspiration: My Handspun Yarn Journal

Article Written By: Kate Larson This is a great way of making sure that a time you enjoyed stays with you and if you want to create a piece of that to keep with you then these are amazing steps to help you along that path. From taking your own photos, grabbing pamphlets, and […]

Fixing ‘Failed’ Fiber This is a fantastic article that explores how fiber ‘mistakes’ can be easily fixed with a drum carder.  Everything from a splotch of too bright color to a bit of felting in the dye pot can be fixed with a drum carder.  The too bright color can be mellowed out with a few passes […]

The Slow Death of Vintage Skills This author begins by exploring why a particular scene in a show has remained on her mind for an entire day, the scene is a woman being told that her bobbin lace in antiquated. “Skills like knitting, sewing, cooking from scratch, canning, gardening and, yes, making bobbin lace seems to belong to a bygone […]

Abby Franquemont’s 3 Tips for Spinning Large Projects These are fairly common sense ideas, until you try to put them into practice.  1, have what you need at hand (she then elaborates that you don’t want to stop in the middle of everything to prep more fiber)  2, do a warm up spin, this sounds much like all of the advice to […]