Stressors and Librarians

One of the common reasons given for a desire to become a librarian is a need to help others.  A survey was launched to see how many librarians are aware of mindfulness practices and specifically those related to librarianship.  Over 3/4 of the respondents stated that they engaged in mindfulness practices and lover 25% of those respondents stated that they did so for 2 hours or more a week. Over a quarter of the respondents stated that their library provided support/access to mindfulness resources for the staff and 21% of the respondents stated that support/access was provided for patrons.

The top two stressors seemed to be a lack of sufficient staff, the second main stressor is interactions with other librarians.  Another stressor tends to be patrons, but really everyone expected that.  lol.  Some of the recommendations of these authors include; Breathe, spend time in nature, don’t rush through chores, take time in the morning, be mindful of your thoughts, etc.

*Fascinating article, I am not entirely surprised by the number of librarians that take part in some form of mindfulness practices.*


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