The unexpected role librarians are playing in Sacramento’s homeless crisis By Cynthia Huybert This is an interesting article detailing one of the main issues facing librarians today, how do we respectfully and safely deal with the homeless and mentally ill.  I appreciate hearing that there are organizations trying to teach librarians “mental health first aid” so that they are capable of dealing with major events as they […]

Teaching Newsletter: One Way to Fight Fake News This article brings up several good points about fighting ‘fake news’, and what we do versus what we tell students to do.  This article does encourage teachers, librarians, and other individuals helping to teach about information literacy, to think about how we do research and identify legitimate sources versus how we teach students to […]

Leading the Green Revolution Library Sustainability This article begins by discussing proposals such as composting books that are to be weeded, providing outlets for electric cars and so many more eco-friendly options to improving libraries.  *I, frankly, think some of them are a little too extreme.  If you have a compost pile already on your campus, then yes, shred books […]

Mississippi School District Pulls “To Kill a Mockingbird”… This is an interesting article describing why “To Kill a Mockingbird” was removed as an active curriculum book.  The theory is that  compassion can be taught from a wide variety of materials that do not have the side effect of containing language that makes people uncomfortable.   The book has not been removed from the […]

Librarians guide readers by interest not level The creators of the “F&P Text Level Gradient™” state that their system should be used as a tool to help guide students to books with an appropriate amount of challenge. “We designed the F&P Text Level Gradient™ to help teachers think more analytically about the characteristics of texts and their demands on the reading […]

What are Libraries For? This is an interesting article, almost more about the filmmaker than about the library.  Many of the views expressed were thought provoking.  I had never considered a documentary as more of a vaccination than as an informative tool, but it makes sense.  Once you have heard about a plight and learned about it you […]

10 Best University Libraries This article is sub-titled Prettiest University Libraries. The 10th is a school where the library doubles as a dorm, this design library is pretty and apparently huge. The 9th is at the University of Chicago, with its stone walls this imposing structure is reminicent of an old castle. 8 is the library named after […]