Abby Franquemont’s 3 Tips for Spinning Large Projects These are fairly common sense ideas, until you try to put them into practice.  1, have what you need at hand (she then elaborates that you don’t want to stop in the middle of everything to prep more fiber)  2, do a warm up spin, this sounds much like all of the advice to […]

How the Invention of Paper Changed the World I do love how this type of article causes one to rethink what they ‘know’ about history. “Actually, you can quibble with Gutenberg’s place in history. The movable type press was originally developed in China. ” It is a fascinating study to take a few minutes of your day and look around, see how […]

‘Back to the Future’ Inspires Solar Nanotech-Powered Clothing This is a really neat article that reminds me, we are truly living in an age of innovation.  Everything from Stainless Steel fiber for spinning yarn to copper filaments to weave with technology is becoming such a part of every day life.  I love that old things and new things are interacting and interlacing […]

Library Waggin Train Service Dogs This is a very good article that reminds us of some of the complications, benefits, and allowances that can (and should) be made for those with service, therapy, or emotional support animals.  There is converse information, the responsibilities of the owners of these animals, concessions that can be made on both sides, and federal […]