In Banned Books Scavenger Hunt… A library decided to promote banned books week by putting black covers on their banned books with a 1-4 word description about why the book was banned.  Such as “Anti-White”, “Smut”, “Filthy” etc.  There are clues that help lead you to the books, and the scavenger hunt has been more popular than expected. As […]

Carla Hayden New Librarian of Congress Hayden is the 14th Librarian of Congress and only the third to be a professional librarian.  She speaks a great deal about digitizing collections and of librarians as the original search engines.  There is some mention of the Patriot act, and I have to agree.  Sometimes when people search for  things like Jihad they […]

Edward Snowden…Privacy Argument This article consists entirely of a few quotes from a speech that Snowden gave about privacy and free speech in an interview about the movie based on his life.  His comments boil down to potentially mis-attributing the quote, “If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.” to a Nazi Minister […]