Siri Tips and Tricks Siri is becoming more and more like a personal assistant every day.  Making reservations, changing appointments, putting someone on speakerphone, checking sports scores and stocks.  According to this article there is very little that Siri cannot do.  Now Siri can even add punctuation, and put things on specific lists. This is a great article […]

How to Share Kindle Books with Your Friends and Family When You Don’t Have Amazon Prime You can only lend ebooks out once and for 14 days.  (not once per person, etc. Once per book.) Magazines and newspapers cannot be lent out at all.  Some books cannot be lent out. The process is pretty easy as long as you are used to going to the ‘Manage my content’ part of […]

What is Alexa and What is the Amazon Echo and Should You Get One This is an amazing article comprehensively detailing what Amazon’s Echo is good for and in what circumstances it would make sense to get one.  This article actually talked me out of one, it would be neat but I would not be able to use the majority of the functions available. The Echo is remarkable […]