The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

I am having a hard time deciding if I liked this book or simply needed to know what happens next. This is a very complex tale that I could probably read a few more times and find quite a few nuances that I missed in my first reading of this book. Once I started, I found it almost impossible to put this book down, so much so that I missed out on a few hours sleep so I could finish it.
The concepts present in this book are very old, infidelity, kings, fey, high court, outcasts, changelings, fear, adoption, and so much more. However, with the filter of a mortal at a fey court being raised by the man who murdered her parents, also her older half-sister’s father, everything takes on a sinister edge. I found many of the dramatic plot twists to be well-telegraphed in advance but a few were able to shock me.
If you are looking for a book that will thrill, confuse, intrigue, disgust you, and make you think about your place in the world then this might be the book for you. There is no explicit sexual content, though some is alluded to. This is a fast paced novel, a lot of characters are introduced and a passing familiarity with the fey is needed for this book to make much sense.  If you don’t know what the Unseelie and Seelie Court are then check up on that before you read this book.  You may be able to figure it out through context, but background knowledge adds depth to the telling.  Nothing is ever as it appears with the fey, remember that throughout this book.


One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews

one fell sweepThis is a fun, fascinating, tear-jerker of an addition to this series. Finally we get to meet some of the innkeeper’s family, and the plot line advances greatly. It is fun and fascinating to see how the different characters interact and evolve along the way. I will frankly admit *mini spoiler* I was reduced to tears near the end

of the book and the entire thing ended on an cliff-hanger *end spoiler*
I am dying to read the next book in this series and really enjoyed this addition.

If you are looking for a good book that jerks on the heartstrings and gets the blood pumping with action and adventure then this is the book for you. I will add that I love how this romance progresses, it takes 3 books before the characters really admit their feelings, etc. This seems realistic as opposed to meet, fall in love, fall in bed, & marry, within a few days. I am definitely going to be exploring more of this author, as soon as I have more Audible Credits, or can find them at my local library, lol.

Happy Reading!

Sweep In Peace by Ilona Andrews

sweep in peaceWhat do intergalactic vampires, merchants, and a sworn enemy of the vampires have in common? They all want to mineral rights to a particular planet. Since they cannot solve this problem themselves they decided to hire an arbitrator. Of course he decided to use an Inn on Earth to conduct these negotiations.

From there, things get interesting. Join us as we discover the adventures awaiting us at this little inn. Following the initial innkeeper novel this addition, apparently, brings in some characters from one of Andrews other series.  If you do not know about her other books then this novel can still be read with a lot of enjoyment.  I believe, since I have not read her other series I cannot say for certain, that if you have read her other series there is considerable depth added to this book by understanding the crossover characters.  Even without that understanding, I’m seriously considering reading her other books to gain that insight, this is a very enjoyable addition to the innkeeper series.  If you are looking for an amusing, action-packed adventure, with likable characters and a lot of hear then this is the book for you!

Happy Reading!

Rapture in Death by J. D. Robb

In my pursuit to re-read each of the books in the In Death series I stumbled across this gem.  I am truly enjoying rediscovering why I read this series to begin with.  This is a suspenseful novel that at times makes you think that Eve is creating links out of the most tenuous of connections but in the end the killer surprises you and you see where she was going all the time.  I love novels that have twists and turns.  I have to admit some of the scenes were heartrending thought that aspect only makes the conclusion all the more satisfying.  I really enjoy these fast paced, elaborate novels and cannot wait to read more.


Random Audio Additions

In Addition to reading the article “Is Audio Really the Future of the Book”

I have been listening to a great number of Audio Books.  Due to a family health problem I have not had a lot of free time or attention to do much extracurricular library research, though I have been able to get through an inordinate amount of audio books.  Many of them were ‘re-reads’ but some were new.

Among the re-reads are:

Origin in Death; Conspiracy in Death; Indulgence in Death; Promises in Death; Salvation in Death; Betrayal in Death; Judgement in Death; Loyalty In Death; Witness in Death; and Brotherhood in Death by J.D Robb. As well as Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich.

The New Audio Books that I have read are:

Apprentice in Death by J. D. Robb and Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Evanovich.

These 13 Audio books have certainly pushed forward my goal for the Year, though I will still probably not make it.

I also re-read several Shelly Laurenston Books, namely:

The Mane Squeeze; Beast Behaving Badly; Wolf With Benefits; Bear Meets Girl; Big Bad Beast; Mane Attraction; Mane Event; Bite Me; and The Beast in Him.

I guess I was more prolific than I though by reading 9 books to escape what reality I could not change.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading all that I could.  I will hope to continue reading even prolifically for the next few weeks until the years end.

Wild Things by Jennifer Ashley

This is not my favorite series.  Not because of the writing, but simply some of the aspects of the ‘world’.  If you enjoy romances and don’t mind a bit of steamy stuff then this is certainly a book worth looking at.  The characters are pretty well developed, flatter than some I have read but with more dimension than most romances.  As the plot advances we get to know the characters a bit better, they see in each other some beautiful character traits.  I supposed if I had been reading this series from the beginning, and I have already read more of the series than I thought I would, then I would have already met the brothers and gotten to know everyone involved. Jumping around the series as I have been tending to do I got a little lost with all of the names and am missing quite a bit of the backstory.  Unfortunately unlike Laurenston, Geary, and Robb’s books I don’t feel the need to go back and familiarize myself with the series more.
Admittedly I am really hung up on the Collared Shifter’s aspect of her books, I cannot get past the isolation and collared nature of her shifters.  I guess what I really cannot get past is the lack of progress that they make.  If you can get past that then this is a steamy romance with a couple of very likable characters.