Great Mythologies of the World (Great Courses)

This ‘Book’ took me over 20 hours to listen to.  It was supposed to be over 30 hours, but I have my speed set to 1.25X since the original 1X just drove me nuts.  This is a fascinating series of lectures on mythologies and religions throughout the entire world.  There is not enough information that the listen can be considered an expert on any and all of these, but there is more than enough information for me to get a broad overview of these stories, cultures, and beliefs.  If you are listening to this, or thinking about listening to this and very religious of the Christian/Jewish faith it might do you well to remember that these lecturers are speaking strictly from an academic viewpoint.  There are portions that left me uneasy in some of the suppositions that the lectors made, but keeping in mind that Social Sciences such as these are hardly exact helped.
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these lectures, though admittedly I do not feel secure enough to take a test on these cultures.  This was a very entertaining listen.


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