Edward Snowden…Privacy Argument


This article consists entirely of a few quotes from a speech that Snowden gave about privacy and free speech in an interview about the movie based on his life.  His comments boil down to potentially mis-attributing the quote, “If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.” to a Nazi Minister of Propeganda (admittedly the article does state that there is no concrete proof that this minister is the first person to state it), and that privacy is the fountain from which all of our freedoms spring.

I am not certain where I fall on this argument.  While I do see that privacy to make mistakes is important, I do not see the government trying to install cameras or microphones in my home so I do feel that I have some privacy left. I think that a lot of this is public versus private, if you do something in public (even if you do not think that anyone is watching) should you be called on it?  If you are committing an illegal act in public should you be called on it?

I am also a very strong advocate of privacy within the Library realm as well, but in reality there are limits to that also.  At the public library I work at we do not allow patrons to view pornographic materials.  It is a public library and we have kids everywhere.  You have the right to view that, just not in public.  So to enforce this we have the ability to view the patrons screens.  There is potential for abuse, but we tell the patrons it is not a secure connection and anyone over your shoulder can see what you are doing.

All of this is beside the point when it comes to Snowden anyway, he just revealed state secrets to our enemies endangering thousands of soldiers lives to ‘prove a point’.

Where is the line between your right to your freedom of speech and their rights to live?


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