‘Back to the Future’ Inspires Solar Nanotech-Powered Clothing


This is a really neat article that reminds me, we are truly living in an age of innovation.  Everything from Stainless Steel fiber for spinning yarn to copper filaments to weave with technology is becoming such a part of every day life.  I love that old things and new things are interacting and interlacing in such amazing ways to create brand new things.

This article talks about a copper filament that is being created that can be woven into fabric.  Even more exciting this filament captures solar energy and can store it like a battery.  The future might include charging your cell phone by walking down the street on a sunny day.  Perhaps even charging your car, or making money as you take a walk and release the stored energy back into the grid.

These are fascinating times!  Thanks to all of the researchers that work hard to create these amazing innovations!

Library Waggin Train Service Dogs


This is a very good article that reminds us of some of the complications, benefits, and allowances that can (and should) be made for those with service, therapy, or emotional support animals.  There is converse information, the responsibilities of the owners of these animals, concessions that can be made on both sides, and federal responsibilities of the animal owners/property owners/business/library/etc.

This article provides a balanced view of the situation, explaining the benefits as well as some of the risks.  There are reasonable steps to mitigate many of the problems that may occur.

Things We Love, Baby Blankets


This is a good, short, article that reminds the reader that weaving (or anything) for a baby has more considerations than for any other type of person.  I know when crocheting for babies there are certain patterns that I look at and all I can think of is the baby getting their little fingers and toes stuck in all of the holes!

Spinning for Inkle Weaving


This article begins an exploration of weaving using a technique called Inkle Weaving, this allows the weaver to create narrow to mid width bands of varying lengths.  The patterning can be quite simple or quite complex.  These bands are Warp Faced, which means that the threads used to create the length wise parts are what show, the weft or horizontal threads do not really show up except when you turn an edge.  Two of the main points made by this author are that the warp threads for this type of project should not have any halo, this would make them harder to shed or come apart so the weft can fit through, and that they should not have much bounce (bounce can distort the final project.)

A decent article with some good points to think about.

From Scary to Snuggly: The History of the Teddy Bear


The Teddy Bear began with Roosevelt refusing to kill a bear someone had hit over the head and tied up specifically so that Roosevelt could kill it.  (He declared it unsportsmanlike).

From there an industrious newspaperman created a cartoon of the incident; another woman created a bear based on the event that she named Teddy.

With Roosevelt’s permission the Teddy bear became very popular and before you know it a cultural phenomena is born.

Experts Say that Knitting and Crocheting Can Have Surprising Impacts on Your Health


This article explains how crafting like knitting and crochet can have positive impacts on both your physical and mental health.  From keeping your fingers nimble to keeping your mind nimble crafting has a positive impact on your life.  According to this article mathematical skills, chronic pain, memory loss, and much more can be helped by crafts like knitting and crochet.  A really neat thing that didn’t occur to me in this context is the sense of accomplishment you get from a finished piece.  If you are thinking about getting into crafting, or wondering why so many people do these things, then this is the article for you.