New Trends in Library Security by Steve Albrecht

American Libraries Magazine 6/1/2017

With libraries attracting more people, different people, different/more programs, etc. New security issues are coming to the fore.

If you see or smell someone using marijuana in the library tell them it is against the fire code, even if they are vaping, if they refuse call the police.

Panhandlers, religious or otherwise, do not have the right to solicit money using your business as a base.

If someone attempts to express  a religious freedom in a way that blocks access to other patrons they can be asked to move their ‘freedom’ to a part of the library where they will not be disrupting anyone.

If needles and burnt spoons are found in the library then call the police to have them impound the materials.

If someone brings in their “Emotional Comfort Animal” you cannot ask why they have the animal you can, however, ask if they can control their animal.  If they admit that they are unable to control the animal then you can ask them to leave.

If you have patrons that feel entitled, listen to them, let them vent, offer up to three solutions to the problem, but if they persist, exercise your right to say “I’ve got other people to help”.

*There is a lot of good information to keep in mind when interacting with patrons.  I really think that it is possible to be a librarian without getting walked over, while still maintaining control over your library.  I like these suggestions, they are practical while still being kind.*


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