Climate Science Meets a Stubborn Obstacle: Students by Amy Harmon

New York Times; June 4, 2017

This is an interesting, liberal, article.  This is based on one science teacher’s experiences and some inference to some form of research done on the part of the author.  This article is a blatant attempt to state that the liberal views of climate change are correct, anyone who disagrees is uninformed.  There is no middle ground, no discussion, no real attempts to be open to another viewpoint.

I adore how the scientists cite that since we have had the warmest winter since 1880 the world must be heating up due to human intervention.  What was their excuse for the warm winter in 1880?  We have had the warmest winter in 136 years, so for the last over 130 years we have not had a winter as warm as the one back in the 1800s?  Are human’s helping the environment more than they are harming, probably not.  However, your ‘evidence’ is not really concrete.  No matter how loudly you holler that evidence, the fact that your only actions in response to your ‘evidence’ being questioned is to then begin to insult those doing the questioning means that your ‘evidence’ wasn’t very sound to begin with.



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