Before Jessica Jones There was Eve Dallas

*Before posting about this article I have to admit, I love the JD Robb In Death Series and cannot wait for each book to come out twice a year.*

This article discusses how the new Jessica Jones, critically acclaimed, television series that is highly praised for being groundbreaking closely mirrors much of what Nora Roberts (pen name JD Robb) began writing in 1995.  In case you are unfamiliar with either of them the essential premise of Jessica Jones and Eve Dallas (of the In Death Series) is the following:
Strong female characters are at the center

Surviving the Trauma of Rape

Attempting to thrive and overcome in a patriarchal society

Guilt over a failure to save someone

Being hemmed in by constraints


They are both apparently quite similar, and both seem to be very empowering for women.

*This was an interesting article, I do not think that I will be watching the Jessica Jones series, there don’t seem to be many positive male role models whereas in JD Robb’s series Eve manages to snag one of the good ones (though there is enough conflict to ensure a lack of Mary Sue syndrome.)*


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