Controversial Website that Lists Predatory Publishers Shut Down

This is an article regarding a website created by a single person which contains a list of publishers that this individual considers predatory.  Apparently on 1/15/17 this website and peripherals was taken down with little to no explanation. This article explores a few essential facts about the website, with an elaboration that there was little transparency about how ‘predatory’ was defined in addition to the fact that once a publisher was on the site it was hard to get them off, in addition to some speculation about why the site may have been discontinued.

*I know of at least one director that was considering suspending all purchases from publishers mentioned on that site regardless of how valid/useful the information contained in the volumes was.  That director also did not conduct any personal exploration into their publishing practices, simply took the information on the website at face value.  Such, well meaning, forms of censorship can be very dangerous.*



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