Why Audio is Better than Print


While I might not agree with the title in its entirety, there is some truth to it.  People get so judgemental when you read a book in a format other than their preferred method.  If you read a digital book  you hear, “I really enjoy the tactile experience; How can you learn anything on a screen; etc.”  If you listen to audiobooks you hear, “It isn’t really reading; It’s cheating; multi-tasking doesn’t really exist; etc.”  Even if you read a paperback you hear, “I like something substantial in my hands; It isn’t really reading you know?, etc.”  I have even heard people decrying hardcover books, “It’s too heavy; I like something I can take with me; etc.”

This article makes some good points, but the main premise that I came away with is to stop judging people based on the format of the material that they read.  (I try to not judge anyway, format, content, or anything).  Boiling down to the main points: Audio books are reading, they are not cheating, and some people don’t have a choice so to call them anything but reading is derogatory to the differently-abled.  Happy Reading!


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