How to View iCloud Drive & Top Apps for Design

Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> Show on Home Screen to On

From this you can launch the app from the homescreen, it can be hidden again if desired.

Colora- this free app allows you to create mood boards, theoretically expressing complex concepts through color.  They can be sent to clients, etc. (Student in art courses can use this to play with colors and fiber artists could probably use this before dying.)

Mind Node- Color coded mind mapping

ColoRotate- can work with colors in 3-d, extract colors from a photo, generate random schemes, export palettes to your desktop

Word Swag- turns your words into art (this is a bit vague and I would have to work with it to see what it really does)

Over- this adds text over your pictures.  You can use the fonts it includes, buy more or import your own fonts.

Phoster- allows you to create your own posters and flyers. (why you would not just use Pages, I will have to explore).

Vinylize me- this allows you to create a retro record cover (why?)

Dropvis- allows you to easily create a visualization for data or concepts

Foldify- this allows you to visualize and create 3-d things from paper (I wonder if this could be used to transform something like plywood into chairs, etc? If not it would be fun for kids)

Book Creator- this seems to be the app answer to iBooks author, I might want to check it out and see if it works as such.  You can add photos, videos, etc to your book and even export it to be sold on the iBooks store.

iFontMaker- Just what it sounds like, a font creation software

Tayasui Sketches- a digital sketchbook, illustrations, drawings, cartoons and even watercolors can be created using this app

iDraw- graphic design and vector app.

Pixaki- Creates pictures as pixilated images?  (I’m not sure why you would want to)

Isometric- “Isometric vector image editor. Add styles or save as a seamless pattern. Export your geometric drawings as vector graphics in the SVG file format to continue working on your artwork in other vector apps.” (If you know what that means you are doing better than me, the best I can come up with is to use it as a stencil creator for geometric shapes? Probably not.)

App Cooker- allows you to create apps without worrying about the coding.

Animation Desk- storyboards, storybooks, ecards, or short animated movies.  Draw your own characters and use them any way you wish with this app.

iOrnament- create seamless patterns and color them in to make backgrounds, wall papers, etc.

MyPrice- this allows you to figure out what to charge without over-valuing or under-valuing your work.

Unstuck- Everyone gets stuck on a project sometimes this app allows you to get past that hangup.


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