Top 10 Tools To Get You Writing

This has some great ideas, from adjusting your workspace to making sure that you have scheduled time to write.  The author mentions several tools and ways that they can be adjusted to fit a busy authors life.  From 2 different types of planners, scrivener (again) physical notebooks and how she uses them, etc, this author is a font of advice.

I love how she describes what she has used in the past as well as what has failed her.  Wikipedia, failure, enough said.  Using Pinterest as a source of inspiration for your main characters, I never would have thought that and now have a burning desire to start a board featuring one of my characters, or maybe a few of my characters, How many private boards can you have?

This is a really great article to help prepare you for writing fiction, or to inspire you to get back to writing fiction by supplying you with ideas and tools.


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