5 Reasons I Switched to Scrivener


This is an article detailing the productivity/writing tool of Scrivener.  For $45 the author states that this is a great tool to get all of your writing done.  Allowing you to set up binders, corkboards, organize research, etc.

This sounds like a great tool if you do most of your writing in a single location, or on a single machine.  While you can set up a ‘Household’ licence ( they’re British) it only works for one type of machine.  If you have 3 windows computers and a Mac you need to buy a separate license for the Mac (or windows computers depending on where you first installed/purchased the program).

I would like to get into writing more, but since the vast majority of my waking time is spend at work and often at different jobs I cannot see using this program at this time.  Not to mention that the $45 price tag is pretty cost prohibitive for me.

In the future, when writing takes a higher priority in my life, then yes.  This would be a great tool for me.  I may even think about the iPad version in the near future, $25 is a bit pricey but not the same as ‘Half of a weaving loom’.


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