Can I Weave That on My Rigid-Heddle Loom

By Liz Gipson
Gipson, Liz. “Can I Weave That On My Rigid-Heddle Loom?”  Handwoven (2015, Nov-Dec).  28.  Nook.  3 April 2016.
This is a great article.  It manages to explain how to read a ‘draft’ or weaving pattern as well as how that can translate onto a rigid heddle loom.  The author manages to skillfully explain the complications involved in changing a weaving pattern to a rigid heddle pattern without saying that it is impossible.  As she finishes her article: “Over time you’ll learn which kinds of patterns you enjoy doing on a rigid heddle loom with pick-up, and which ones you find too much like milking a mouse.”

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