Lovecraft Collection: Interactive Nightmares Kindle Fire App

Cost: .99
Begins with the Beast in the Cave: illustrated by Javier Sahagun
I do find the interactive elements to be interesting.  The sounds in the background have immersive qualities until you almost feel that you are in the dark, dank cavern that is being spoken of.  Within the first ten pages several elements are available to touch, though most only do one thing, a few give you some measure of control.  The change from typed words to script on occasion can be quite jarring, I do not believe that today’s youth would be able to read the passages at all since I am having trouble despite knowing script.
Continuing on the book does become very immersive, the blood spatters, the stone clunking to the floor, you really do become immersed in the experience.
It turns out that The Beast in the Cave is the only immersive book that they have created thus far, but considering the detail and interesting elements of this book I can imagine it took quite a bit of time.

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