Girls, Jews, and Sex

(Orenstein notes the Photoshopping of higher necklines and sleeves onto girls’ yearbook photos, and lots of girls have stories about how much more frequently girls are punished for their clothing choices than boys are—and girls who are non-white or plus-sized are singled out the most.) “When Rambam talks about modesty, he doesn’t talk about what you’re wearing,” Ruttenberg pointed out. “To him, modesty meant not showing off your money, not being the guy who takes up all the space in the room and drowns out other people.”
*(Okay so this article encourages masturbation and the discussion of such with your children, citing that most young women do not know what feels good and have a self image reliant entirely on their experiences with young men and how they are viewed by those young men rather than how they feel themselves.  I don’t agree with all of it, I don’t disagree with all of it.)*
She continued, “Real modesty doesn’t mean crushing other people’s spirit or policing other people’s clothing. It’s not about dumping your not-fully-developed-spiritual issues about women onto the women. We need to ask men to tzimtzum, to contract a bit. We don’t let dieters shut down doughnut shops!”

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