Seven Best Things You can Do with Amazon Echo

Play any music you want just by asking for it, you can even link up SPotify and if you have a spotify premium account link up all of their music as well. (I’m not that into music but cool).
Find out what new features Alexa has by asking
You can set up your home as a smart home using a variety of other smart devices you have to purchase and then program in, it is supposed to be fairly simple (But so is flicking a light-switch, maybe something for my room at night…).
Tell you the weather, time, and a few other features
Read audio-books from Audible or voice synthesize books if they do not have an audible equivalent.
You can use IFTTT to create your own scenarios- party time with your light-bulbs, log the music that you listened to, e-mail yourself your to do or grocery lists

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